We help you to better follow your day!


Receive better support in your daily life 

Many citizens in need of care struggle physically or cognitively, e.g. because of dementia, brain damage or dementia-like symptoms. As a result they may find it hard to recall what has just happened or what will happen in the near future. 

With Kintella you can quickly remind yourself who has just been visiting you or who will be visiting later today. This can provide you both support and comfort.


 Keep up!

When you become connected to the assisted living sector - either through a rehabilitation program, through support in your own home, or when moving into a nursing home - you often face unfamiliar surroundings which may leave you with a feeling of lonelyness. The days may feel long and a feeling of being disconnedted may occur.

With Kintella you can keep track of planned activities, visits, and look at pictures from your relatives. 

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