We support you in the tasks that you need to solve in cooperation with the care givers


Stay informed

It can be difficult to feel close to your relative in her/hist home. Especialy if she/he lives far away.

Stay informed and in the loop; get news, pictures, and calendar updates about your relative on your own profile.


Share information with other relatives


As a relative, you have a certain responsibility to inform and coordinate tasks with other relatives to the resident in the nursing home.

With the Kintella app this will be easier for you to share information with other relatives - often it is done automatically without you having to worry about it.


Get help to planning and to getting an overview


As a relative you often have to call or email the staff at the nursing home in order to follow up on a task or to plan your visit.

In the app you can check the calender and put in your planned visit, so other can see when you plan on coming by.

And receive automatic reminders about activities and tasks.


Strengthen your dialogue


It can be difficult to keep a dialogue going with your relative in the nursing home, if he or she suffers from dementia or is cognitively challenged in a diferent way.

Check the app and get an overview of the activities that your relative have just done, but may have already forgotten. Stimulate the dialogue with this knowledge and share memories, information and pictures so your other relatives and the care giving staff can speak to the resident about them.

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