Kintella is a Danish company founded in 2019.

Kintella was started on the basis of the founders' own experiences as relatives to a family member who required care and moved into a nursing home.

As relatives we found that there were many tasks that required a lot of phone calls and coordination of calendars with the nursing home This was very time consuming - not just for us, but also for the care givers at the home. Time that we would all rather be spent together with the citizen at the home.

At the same time we would like to better be able to follow activities at the home, coordinate visits between relatives, and improve the dialogue and planning of the tasks we as relatives were involved in with the staff at the home.

When visiting our family member we often found that it could be difficult to keep the dialogue going as she couldn't always remember which activities she had been involved in, what she had for lunch, or who had visited her last.

We tried to find a tool or digital solution in the market that would meet our requirements to support strenthened dialogue, staying close despite physical distance and improve the cooperation between the caring staff, other relatives and our family member in the nursing home. We couldn't.

We spoke to other people in the same situation as us and to various staff members within the sector for assisted living - and it became very evident to us that we were not alone with our challenges and wishes. Actually, the need was very explicit from both nursing home, rehabilitation centers, within home care and in residences with residents in need of care.

Today, we can deliver a stand-alone digital solution to private entities within the assisted living sector or an integrated solution to municipalities. To support the latter, we are partner to KMD (KMD Nexus Certificeret Partner), one of Denmark's leading IT and software companies, and actively seek other similar partnerships. 

If you wish to learn more about Kintella, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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